EPC Apps

The tools to help you running & monitoring the project.

Every projects faces same problems managing its documentation & controlling process. Starting from sending the latest engineering updates & monitoring the progress for each steps of the project.

Started from the same principal, EPC Apps will provide you with the same delivery document process and ensuring that the message will deliver to your destination as your wishes. With expertise in the oil & gas environment who needs to deliver so many documents to be reviewed by user, it will give advantages on handling the document traffic , the transmittal shall be created automatically and send to your user and the user can respond in the same system. All the transmitted documents are recorded in your database.

With EPC Apps, the project progress measurement & its control can never be easy. it can be traceable back and the progress canbe monitored by everyone in your team. Each member of the tam can directly update the progress and by keeping the evidence in the system, the team can crossing chek whenever there needs to update.


EPC Project system will give you practicability in sending, receiving documents, monitoring & controlling the progress in one system. No more hassleness. In just clicking and less typing.

Team Work

Everyone can send the documents right from their desk without need to go through administration table. Everyone can update the update the progress & monitor each other.


The system automatically create the transmittal and document is sent directly. The system keeps all documents, and can be seen just in a click away.


A simplified way to record your document

With EPC Apps system, the document can be transmitted with the transmittal automatically created. The commented document can be returned through our system as well & it shall be recorded in the database. The document can be seen with your collegous as well. No more hassleness.

Progress Monitoring

Easier way to claim your progress

When achieve one milestone, you can upload the evidence to our system in your selected files, records or photograph as evidence and the system will automatically record it and claim the achievement progress. You & your team member can monitor the daily progress daily.

Business Advantage

For business owner, the EPC Apps system will ensure you integrate all the documentation & project monitoring in one EPC Apps system only. The document & evidence report can be seen accross your team member and the progress can be achiveable easliy since the team member can submitted the documents directly without making a transit in administration table.